Company Profile

Electronic and Transformer Engineering Ltd (ETE) is a specialist Design and Manufacturing company which commenced trading in 1956. The Company supplies a wide range of components and products to manufacturers and wholesalers in the electrical, electronics, power utility, lighting, medical and marine industries.

ETE is one of the largest suppliers of general purpose transformers and associated products in New Zealand and exports a significant proportion of production to Australia, the Pacific Islands and other international markets.

ETE Ltd is recognised as a major supplier of the following products derived from in-house design and manufacture :-

  • General electrical control transformers.
  • Isolation transformers for protection and safety purposes.
  • Transformers for operation of US (115Volt) and Japanese (100Volt) equipment.
  • Dry isolation and voltage step-down transformers up to 500kVA.
  • Marine and Auto transformers.
  • Low voltage lighting audio and H.F transformers and chokes.
  • Switch mode and conventional electronic regulated low voltage DC Power Supplies.
  • External computer power supply replacements.
  • Special battery chargers for sealed lead acid and Nicad batteries.
  • Switch mode and linear AC adaptors, plugpacks and power supplies.
  • Nicad battery chargers.
  • Open circuit monitors and accessories for Neon sign control.
  • Switch mode DC/DC converters (step up and step down).
  • DC/AC Inverters up to 5KVA


ETE Ltd operates from modern premises of 1500 sq. m. located in Glen Eden, less than 30 minutes drive from the Auckland city centre.