Switchmode Power Supply 12-5




The SMPS12-5 is a fully regulated adjustable output voltage power supply. The output voltage is normally preset at the factory. Please consult Customer Services for your voltage requirements when ordering.
There are no user serviceable parts inside the power supply and it is extremely dangerous to remove the cover while the unit is switched on, as live circuitry inside may be exposed.
Stock Code
Output Voltage Range
SMPS 12-5



Nominal Output Voltage 13.8V DC
Output Ripple Voltage @ Full Load < 0.1%
Load Regulation (Zero to Full Load) < 2.0%
Line Regulation (220-240V) @ Full load < 0.1%
Output Voltage Adjustable Range 11-14.5V DC
Output Current Continuous 5A Max
Electronic Circuit Current Limit 5.1A DC (adjustable to 8A max for peak loads at 6 - 14 V DC)
Output Power Continuous 70W Max
Frequency of Operation 100kHz
Input Fuse 2A Slow Blow 250V AC internally accessible
Thermal Protection Internal protection circuitry on board
Voltage limit indication Green LED
Current limit Indication Red LED
RFI Suppression AS/NZS 2064 Class A
Dimensions L - 200mm W - 125mm H - 77mm
Mains Input Nominal 230/240V AC 50/60Hz
Mains Input Range 200-260V AC 50/60Hz
(110/115 V AC Operation possible)
Weight 1.4 Kg
The power supply is factory preset at the customer specified output voltage between 11 and 14.5V DC (usually 13.8V DC).
Mains input is via a 3-pin plug and flex; output studs for + and - connections are provided outside the case. A 12V female cigarette output socket is also supplied on the front panel.
Electronic limit can be disabled for large peak loads > 10A (e.g radio transmitters, motors...etc).
The power supply should be installed in a well ventilated area and not enclosed where excessive heat build up can occur. Do not install or mount above any hot air discharge/air-conditioner/radiator or similar equipment. Mounting outside or in a wet/damp environment is also not permissible.
Sealed and open lead acid batteries can be charged. Please specify nominal output float voltage and size of battery when ordering.