Power Supply Unregulated - PSUR12-10



The PSUR12-10 is an unregulated filtered design, and suited to running DC motors or car stereos..etc
Stock Code
Output Voltage
PSUR 12-10


10A max

Output Voltage (Full Load - No Load) 11.6 - 15V DC
Output Current 10A Max
Output Power (Max) 120W
Output Ripple Voltage @ Full Load 0.6mV
Mains Input Nominal 230V AC 50Hz
Input Fuse AC Externally Accessible 3A
Output Fuse Externally Accessible 10A
Mains Input Connection 3 - Pin plug and cable
Output Connection Twin Conductor cable for + and - connections
Dimensions L - 175mm W - 160mm H - 86mm
Weight 4.1 Kg
The power supply should be installed in a well ventilated area and not enclosed where excessive heat build up can occur. Do not install or mount above any hot air discharge/air-conditioner/radiator or similar equipment. Mounting outside or in a wet/damp environment is also not recommended.