Power Supply - PSR 24-5



The PSR24-5 output voltage is present at the factory to the user's requirements, this unit can be set to 27.6V for battery charging.
Stock Code
Output Voltage
PSR 24-5

24V or 27.6V


Output Ripple Voltage @ Full Load < 0.1%
Load Regulation (Zero to Full Load) < 1.0%
Line Regulation (220-240V) @ Full load < 0.2%
Output Current Continuous 5A Max
Electronic Circuit Current Limit Approx 8A DC
Output Power 140W Max
Frequency of Operation 50/60kHz
Input/Output Fuse Not supplied
Thermal Protection Internal protection circuitry on board
Mains Input Nominal 230V AC 50Hz
Dimensions L - 200mm W - 125mm H - 77mm
Weight 3.89 Kg
The power supply should be installed in a well ventilated area and not enclosed where excessive heat build up can occur. Do not install or mount above any hot air discharge/air-conditioner/radiator or similar equipment. Mounting outside or in a wet/damp environment is also not permissible.
Mains input is via a 3-pin plug and flex; output terminals for + and - connections are provided outside the case.