Converter DC-DC 45


The DC-DC45 is a Non-Isolated Step Down Converter.
Stock Code
Max Power
Input *
Output *

3A or 45W

5V - 60V

1.2V - 37V
* Preset voltage within the range
Input Voltage Range 5 - 60VDC
Output Voltage Adjustable
Output Voltage Range 1.2V - 37VDC with HVT type
Output Current Voltage/Power Dependent (3A Max)
Output Power 45 Watts
Output Voltage Ripple Typically < 1.0%
Output Voltage Regulation Typically < 1.5%
Short Circuit Current Limit 5.5 - 6A
Protection On-Board Thermal Limiting & Short Circuit Protection
Operating Frequency 50 kHz
Input/Output Connections Flying Leads
Dimensions L - 65mm W - 80mm H - 55mm
Weight 0.2 Kg
Input/output voltages to be customer specified for factory adjustment. Most models are not customer adjustable.
Standard units are power converter designs NOT SUITABLE for battery charging
Please phone customer services for DC - DC converters with other voltage and current ratings.